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5 Ways to Implement Self Care for New Moms

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

It’s no secret that being a new parent is incredibly overwhelming. It seems no matter how many books you read, how many people you talked to, or how well you’ve prepped - those first few months are VERY stressful. With feedings around the clock and little to no sleep, many first time moms feel burnt out.

There seems to be a lot of misconception about what self-care is. Things that generally come to mind are: luxurious bubble baths, mani-pedis with the girls, expensive face masks, etc etc. BUT the real definition of self care is taking care of your physical and emotional wellbeing.

It does not have to be complicated, and like they say on the airplane - you need to secure your oxygen mask before assisting others. This goes for parenting too!

So here are 5 self care tips for new moms to help you get a little pep back in your step and feeling like your best self!

1. Carve out at least 10-15 minutes a day for YOU time.

Give yourself permission to tap out. Yup - you heard me. As moms, we try to take everything on and turn down help. You’d be surprised at how much just treating yourself to 10-15 minutes a day to do something FOR JUST YOU will make you feel exponentially better.

What lights you up? Reading a chapter of your favorite book, calling a friend, walking the dog by yourself, meditating, or simply sitting in the sunshine with a cup of coffee - whatever it is make sure your partner knows taking time for you is a non-negotiable (and if you’re flying solo - enlist some help from family or friends!). Also knowing that you will always get a little pocket of time for yourself will help you stay calm, cool, and collected when your patience is wearing thin.

2. Get outside

Spending time outdoors has so many mental and physical health benefits. Time in nature clears your mind, resets your circadian rhythm, and helps to ground you. Getting your baby outside and exposed to natural daylight can also help them start to get on your schedule (awake during day/sleep at night).

I personally try to get a walk in most days of the week, and especially made this a priority in the early postpartum days when I felt like I was trapped in my house. Putting the baby in the stroller or in a carrier may even help them calm down if they are fussy which is an added bonus!

3. Move your body

This one goes along with getting outside - but something that makes a world of difference is getting your body moving. This doesn’t necessarily mean getting in a full 30 minute + workout each day (if you can do that - kudos to you!), but literally just doing anything that gets your heart pumping!

Could be a walk, turning on your favorite playlist and dancing while you clean the kitchen, doing a short yoga flow to stretch out your back, or even playing with your baby! Get creative here and really have fun with it. Exercise in any form, boosts endorphins in the brain (the feel good hormone) and will reliably give you a mood lift!

4. Eat nutritious foods

After giving birth, your body needs nutrients to heal, which makes sense since it has been through so much! And this is even more important if you are breastfeeding. While there may not be a lot of time to plan and prep healthy meals, there are some ways to try to get in the vitamins and minerals you need.

Consider a meal service. Having fresh, ready to prepare meals delivered to your door step saves time shopping and the brain power to come up with ideas. Another option is to graze/snack throughout the day. Having fresh fruits and veggies available to pair with any protein/carb/fat will help you get a wide variety of healthy foods in without having to overthink it. If friends and family want to do a meal train, request specific foods/meals rather than having them pick at random!

Another thing to touch on here is water! You should be drinking at least half your body weight in water, which not only helps you heal and flush out toxins, but if you’re breastfeeding will help maintain your milk supply.

5. Get dressed in the morning

This one was a game changer for me. I can’t tell you how many days I sat in my PJs until 12 or 1pm, hair a mess, and hadn’t even brushed my teeth (ew - I know). In those early newborn days, time completely escapes you, and if you don’t get on top of the day it totally runs away from you. Simply changing my clothes in the morning (even if I just changed into sweats) and washing my face/brushing my teeth, made me feel like a brand new person. Throw in a shower - and I felt like a million bucks! If you are a stay at home mom, this is especially important as your babies continue to get older! (time only goes faster!)

So there you have it - my personal top 5 tips for implementing self care for new moms. It is a crazy and overwhelming time for sure, and you don’t need hour long morning and evening routines to get in self care!

I hope these tips were helpful, and if you have additional ones to add, please leave them in the comments!

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Disclaimer: This blog does not serve as medical advice. Please consult your medical provider before starting a new fitness routine. This blog is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition.

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