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C-Section Awareness Month

Updated: May 23

I didn’t want a c-section.

I spent months reading up on unmedicated births. I learned all about hypnobirthing and water births - and talked to other women who had gone that same route to learn their tips and tricks.

And then I had my 32 week growth scan and learned my baby was breech. They said he still had time to flip, but I had a feeling he wouldn’t. So I started to get used to the idea of a c-section birth.

I started to educate myself on that. Learned about the risks and benefits. What the recovery was like. I felt like I was starting to feel at peace with it. And then...the comments started.

“Why would you want a c-section? The recovery is terrible”

“He’ll flip. Just sit on a yoga ball.”

“Look up spinning babies or go to a chiropractor”

“Don’t you want a natural birth?”

“That’s too bad”

“Wow - I am SO sorry”

Somewhere along the line, society confused having major abdominal surgery to safely birth your baby with being “the easy way out,” unnatural,” or my personal favorite - that your body “failed you.”

I’m here to tell you that every single woman who has undergone a c-section can beg to differ.

My scar represents my sons birth. My body’s ability to bring him into this world safely and alive. My physical strength to recover while surviving off minimal sleep and round the clock breastfeeding.

It reminds me that I grew life. That I birthed life. That I am just as much of a mother as any woman who has given birth vaginally. It reminds me every single day that I am able to do hard things.

So here’s to you c-section mamas. You are strong. You are badass. You created life. You gave birth. And no one can ever take that badge of honor away from you.

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