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Daily Self Care Practices I Swear By

I’m not really sure how it’s possible, but I’ve now been caring for a tiny human for 10 weeks! While life couldn’t be more different, I am still trying my hardest to maintain a self-care practice so that I can be my best self! Some days go better than others (hello life with a newborn!) but I know that when these are part of my daily routine, I feel better. I am more patient, I end up being more productive, and I feel like I run the day vs. it running me.

It’s taken me several years to find a routine that ACTUALLY works for me. Personally, I like to do these things in the morning (in my IDEAL world!) but lately I just try to do them at some point during the day, whether that’s nap time or when the baby is in bed for the night!

  • Gratitude Journaling. Practicing daily gratitude has so many benefits. When you start the morning with an attitude of gratitude, you are priming your brain to look for positives throughout the day! I personally like to look for the little things (even though the big things matter too!) such as my hot cup of coffee in the morning, or listening to the birds chirp while watching the sunrise. Really look for those little moments in the day that you are grateful for! You’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes.

  • Meditation. I have used a lot of guided meditation apps in the past, but right now I am loving Expectful. It is designed for women who are trying to conceive, are pregnant, newly postpartum, navigating motherhood, or grieving the loss of a pregnancy/child. It covers you throughout all stages, and has guided meditations ranging from 5-20 mins so that you can easily fit it into your day. I love to start and end my day with meditation! I find that it helps with my patience throughout the day, and also helps me relax before bed. If you are interested in trying this app, you can access a free 7 day trial HERE!

  • Reading/listening to personal development. I LOVE a good personal development book or podcast. They make me think in new ways and also help me work through stuff I’m dealing with in the moment! Currently I am reading Untamed by Glennon Doyle (which is one of my top favorites). I will just read for 5-10 mins, or 1 chapter and it helps put my brain in a positive space!

  • Get outside! Fresh air does wonders for me, especially in the winter when it’s so dark so early. We try to get out for a walk daily, and in addition to that I have been aiming to do a structured workout 3-4x per week (see my blog post on how I’m handling post-partum fitness for more details on that!) I love working out and moving my body, and it helps with stress and my overall functioning. Even though each day isn’t perfect, every little bit adds up!

So there you have it! Those are my 4 self-care practices that are non-negotiables for me. I’d love to hear your self-care practices in the comments!

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