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Must-Have Pregnancy Products

One of the first things I started doing when I found out I was pregnant was thinking about all the things I needed for baby. But what about products for mama?!

Pregnancy is a wild 9 months, y’all! Your body goes through so many changes, and you need some pampering and support! As I am entering my final month of my first pregnancy (eek!) I thought I would round up my MUST-HAVE products that have saved me and that I love!! As always, be sure to clear any products used topically or internally with your OB before using them :)

During the first trimester, I was SO nauseas, and I relied on ginger candies and tea! Something else I heavily relied on was Saltines (legit kept them in my purse!!)

Stretch Marks!!!

Word on the street is stretch marks are genetic (thanks mom!) but these two oils have been great options for me. They are organic and natural and don't leave any gross residue and smell pretty good!


With your body stretching and getting bigger, your clothes need to get bigger too! I didn't buy a ton of maternity clothes since we have been pretty much confined to our house with the pandemic, but these have been my go-to's. The PRO BUMP belly band has literally been a life saver with pelvic pain and pressure!!


These are extra things that you definitely don't need but that I have found to be really useful:

Neeva Baby Doppler: with this being my second pregnancy (following a miscarriage), I have had a lot of anxiety around how my baby is doing. Having an at-home doppler has brought me a lot of peace of mind! (use code MEGANC at checkout for $ off!)

  • Letterboard : a fun item to use for bump pics to document your pregnancy journey!

  • Pregnancy Pillow: sleeping gets uncomfortable reallyyyy quick. I like this pillow because it helped stay on my side while sleeping and offers great support!

  • Yoga Ball: great for sitting and bouncing on during the 3rd trimester! It helps relieve a lot of low back pressure that comes with sitting and helps get the baby in position for labor!

Stay tuned the next few weeks to see my hospital bag and nursery must-have items! We are in the final stretch of this pregnancy and I am so excited to be able to share this journey with you!



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