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Our Wedding Anniversary and Traditions

It’s hard to believe that Ethan and I just celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary! It truly feels like just yesterday that we were surrounded with our family and friends in Vermont celebrating our love!

It’s so crazy how much can change in just two years, but I wouldn’t trade it in for the world. In today’s post, I wanted to share some traditions we have adopted, both for our anniversary and other major holidays!

How We Celebrate Our Anniversary

Ethan and I both come from divorced families, so spending quality time together and having clear, open communication is very high on our priority list. We try to remind each other how much we appreciate the other person on a daily basis, but something we have really enjoyed is hand-written letters to each other to celebrate our marriage. I read about this idea in a book, and it has been so much fun to do so far! It started with our wedding day - writing letters to each other to open before our first look ceremony. Now, we write one the eve before each anniversary.

On our actual anniversary, we start by reading the very first letter written on our wedding day, followed by the first anniversary letter, the second, etc. This is such a cool way to see the passage of time in our marriage as well as all of our hopes and dreams, and what we have actually gone through. It’s a great way to document the years, and it really showcases how our marriage has evolved and flourished!

Holidays & Birthdays

Instead of exchanging physical gifts for Christmas and Valentines day, or on our birthdays, we made the decision years ago to opt out of the gift giving and instead book a trip together. If the timing is off (say a birthday mid week), we will plan a date day!! We try to spend these times completely unplugged from work and social media and just spend quality time together! We have done trips to the beach, mountain getaways, a hiking day followed by a dinner at our favorite restaurant, or even just a good old fashioned movie and game night at home!! With this year being mostly quarantined in our house due to COVID and my pregnancy, we have had to get a little creative - but it’s made it more fun! On my birthday we had a movie marathon followed by a very heated game of monopoly (I won 😜). It was so much fun and really helped us connect more during such a crazy time in our lives!

With our dynamic about to change with our little one coming into the world very soon, I’m sure these traditions will change and evolve. But it has been something I have really cherished and believe has brought us closer together as a couple!

What traditions do you and your significant other have? I would love to hear them - drop them in the comments below!!

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