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Meet Megan!

NASM - CPT; CNC and Pre/Postnatal Specialist

Hello and welcome! I'm Megan - a wife, mama to a beautiful baby boy, and an entrepreneur! I am a summer girl at heart and love spending time at the beach with a good book.

The last decade I have immersed myself into wellness. I have always had a passion for fitness, so I became a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. I am a big believer in authenticity in real life and especially online (where everything seems to be a highlight reel!)  

I'm glad you stumbled across my little corner of the internet and hope you find value in what I share! 


I started working with Megan when I was 22 weeks pregnant. Prior to my pregnancy I was very active and loved working out. I stayed fairly active during my first trimester but I hit a point where I wasn't sure what was safe workout wise and I knew it was time to work with a professional to keep me and baby safe. Megan was AMAZING. She made sure my workouts were challenging but safe while always helping me adjust as needed. I cannot recommend her enough! It is so helpful to have someone in your corner cheering you on. My delivery and recovery went SO well and I credit a good portion of that to working with Megan! Her workouts were designed to prepare you for labor and it made all the difference. Now, I am starting to work with her again on my postpartum goals and I can't wait to see my progress. If you are on the fence I highly suggest setting up a call to see if she can help!

Lesley H


"Being a mom is the best reason you'll ever have to focus on your health "