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Vibrantly You Pregnancy Program

If you are pregnant and wondering what is safe and what isn't and just honestly totally lost when it comes to working out during pregnancy, you've come to the right place! 
This program comes with 30+ full-length follow-along workouts safe for all trimesters. Included are an e-book and educational modules that tell you everything you need to know so you feel knowledgeable and confident about what exercises to prioritize and how to effectively prepare for the ultimate athletic event...childbirth!


Labor & Birth Prep Mini Course

If you're in your 3rd Trimester and looking for ways to physically prepare your body for labor and birth - this is for you! Labor and birth are physically demanding on the body, and how we prepare during pregnancy has been shown in the research to decrease time in labor, decrease the need for interventions such as c-section, and improve birth outcomes. This mini-course has 4 full-length follow-along workouts as well as education to prepare your pelvic floor and learn birth mechanics to optimize your labor and birth outcomes!

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12-Week Vibrantly You Postpartum Program

This is for the busy mama who wants to get back into working out after having a baby but isn't sure where to start. This 12-week program guides you step-by-step to build strength, confidence, and replenish your body nutritionally so that you can feel like YOU again! This program includes an easy-to-use app with demo videos for every exercise, a nutrition ebook with over 30 mouth-watering recipes, and a community of other mamas on the same journey!

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Fertility Foundations Masterclass

Conceiving can be a journey, to put it lightly, but don't worry - we're here to support you every step of the way. Our Fertility Foundations Masterclass is designed to help you work with your body to boost your chances of getting pregnant naturally.

In this masterclass you will leave knowing: 

  • How to track your cycle without relying on apps or LH strips so you know exactly when your fertile window is and you’re able to pinpoint your ovulation within a 48-hour window

  • Understanding the 4 phases of your cycle and how to sync up your nutrition and movement to lower inflammation, stress, and boost your natural energy 

  • Learning the correlation of insulin resistance and blood sugar management on your hormones 

  • What to look for in a prenatal vitamin 

  • How to strengthen the pelvic floor in preparation of pregnancy 

  • Nervous system regulation techniques to lower cortisol levels to help balance hormones

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Ultimate Guide to Prenatal Fitness

This guide will walk you through everything so there are no surprises. You'll walk away knowing:

  • exactly what to expect when it comes to birth

  • the 3 components to focus on in your workouts and suggested exercises

  • how to 360 breath to protect from diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction

  • how to strengthen and release the pelvic floor to prepare for labor 

This is perfect for you if...

  • you like to go to workout classes/group fitness 

  • you have a program you already follow and love 

  • you're a little nervous about what's safe and what isn't

  • you want to prepare yourself for labor & delivery and postpartum recovery 

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